Due to clown posts, Alvin ISD junior high student arrested, charged with making terroristic threats

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ALVIN, Texas – A Alvin Independent School District junior high student has been arrested and charged with the 3rd-degree felony of making a terroristic threat. The student is also facing disciplinary action from the school.

Alvin ISD have responded to multiple social media posts this week, with many of them referencing a school or school district. This has been happening across the nation and is commonly characterized as a hoax or prank.

After an investigation, Alvin ISD arrested the student who they believe is responsible for a number of the threats.

The school district released the following statement:

"Alvin ISD Community,
Over the course of this week, Alvin ISD Administrators and the Alvin ISD Police Department have responded to numerous social media posts.  Many of these messages reference a school or school district and often depict the creator of the post as a “clown.”  This occurrence has unfortunately become commonplace across our nation and has frequently been characterized as a “hoax or prank.”

This afternoon, the Alvin ISD Police Department arrested a junior high student who is believed to be responsible for a number of these threatening messages.  The student is now facing a 3rd degree felony charge for a terroristic threat.  The student will also face appropriate disciplinary action from the school.

This behavior is extremely serious and has the potential to cause a significant disruption to our students and staff.  We urgently ask for your assistance in talking with your children about the serious nature of this type of online behavior.  Our hope is that through a proactive partnership, students will be encouraged to make good decisions and avoid the potential of these consequences.

As a district, our priority will remain focused on the safety and security of our students.

Daniel Combs
Professional Learning and Student & Community Engagement
Alvin Independent School District"