Family of mass shooting suspect releases letter

HOUSTON – New information is coming out from the family of Nathan DeSai, the man accused of a mass shooting in Houston earlier this week.

A long-time family friend, who is also acting as a spokesperson, said the family was completely shocked by Monday's events, and never saw any warning signs that DeSai may snap.

A statement reads:

"The parents of Nathan DeSai are heartbroken over the tragic actions of their son and the resulting injuries to the victims of the shooting. The DeSai family deeply regrets the suffering of innocent people who were going about their daily lives in their neighborhood community. The DeSai family was blind sighted (sic) by this tragedy and their hearts and thoughts are with the victims and their families."

The family is requesting privacy at the moment while they reflect on the tragic, unbelievable events.

In a previous interview, DeSai's father said his son's law practice wasn't doing well and he worried about it all the time, but his family never expected this.