Blind triathlete, guide prepare for weekend race

HOUSTON – Brandon Adame and Jeff Gill spent Friday morning getting ready for a weekend triathlon.

Gill will sit up front.

Adame will ride on the back.

As they swim, bike and run together, Adame will see nothing.

He is a blind triathlete providing endless inspiration along the way, like in a recent race in Kemah.

“Before I actually jumped off of the boat we're saying, 'No way, I'm not going to jump off of the boat.' Then after I jumped off, then they said, 'Well Brandon can do it.' I might as well do it," Adame said.

The two spent Friday morning at Shama Cycles in Houston getting fit on a tandem bike for this weekend's Katy Triathlon in Gill’s neighborhood in the Firethorne subdivision in west Katy.

It will be Gill's 388th triathlon.

"Believe it or not, the guides, and there are many of us, get more from being his guide than he gets from us. Of course, we are his eyes and ears and we make sure he runs a safe and fair race," Gill said.

Through voices in the crowd, Adame will see each and every spectator.

That sound, and guides like Gill, keep the 33-year-old going as they swim, bike and run this weekend.

"Wherever I go, it always seems to amaze me to have people come up to me and say what an inspiration I am to them," Adame said.

You can get involved in Adame’s races, contact him or make a donation at www.brandonusa.com.