Mother enraged after son is attacked on school bus

HIGHLANDS, Texas – Ronnie Bennett snapped several photos of her son Colton when he got off the bus on Monday.

His head was bleeding and it was obvious the 4-year-old was injured.

“When he got off the bus he was holding a paper towel and it had a bunch of blood on it,” Bennett said. “He had blood down his neck and on his backpack.”

Colton was hurt while riding the bus home from Hopper Elementary School, he’s in Pre-K.

After a trip to the emergency room, he’s now doing fine, but his mom has a lot of questions about what happened.

At first, Bennett said, she got a phone call from someone with Goose Creek Consolidated ISD who told her the bus driver made a sharp turn and Colton fell out of his seat.

Now, Bennet said she has learned her son was actually being picked on by a 5-year-old.

“The little boy grabbed him by the back of the head and pushed his head down and hit his head on the metal bar,” she told KPRC.

Bennett said the metal bar was part of the seat belt holder and her son had to be pushed pretty hard to fall onto the floor.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the district told Channel 2, “A pre-kindergarten student who attends Hopper Elementary, was apparently pushed from a seat on the bus by a kindergarten student, resulting in a minor injury that caused the pre-kindergartner’s head to bleed. The bus driver attended to the child, the parent was notified and the bus was re-routed to deliver the child home more quickly. The kindergartner has been disciplined in accordance with our student code of conduct.”

Bennet no longer feels comfortable because she said the 5-year-old is still riding the bus with her son, she wishes the district would re-think their discipline policy.

“I definitely think the student should be removed off the bus, if he’s not conducting himself right this may not be the only injury,” she said.

Colton has two older brothers, ages 6 and 8, who ride the bus home with him.

Bennett said the three brothers are going to sit together from now on, and she hopes the 5-year-old who instigated this problem doesn’t get seated anywhere near them.