HPD officer arrested during prostitution sting appears in court

HOUSTON – A Houston police officer caught in a prostitution sting appeared in court on Thursday for the first time, according to court documents.

Jermaine Tyree Owens was arrested 7:25 p.m. Sept. 21 agreeing to have sex with an undercover officer at a Motel 6, court documents said.

Court records said Owens offered to pay the undercover officer $200 to have sex with him.

"The important thing is that all the evidence has the all clear, and we're gathering it, and until we know exactly what the state is saying, it's very difficult to understand where they're going with all of this. We're cautiously optimistic we'll get this resolved and the great state of Texas will see the error of their ways," Owens' attorney, Mark Hochglaube, said. 

Owens is charged with soliciting prostitution.

Owens is 13-year veteran of the Houston Police Department, assigned to the west side patrol. 

Police said Owens has been relieved of his duty during the investigation. 

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