Reward offered in death of South Houston bar owner


Christopher Simple put his family and his community first. 

A dad and uncle, this local business owner who ran a bar near his South Acres home, also supported football programs for children.

On Sept. 10, a group of masked armed robbers followed Simple home, broke into his house on Airport Boulevard and shot both him and his brother Vincent.

Simple died that night and Vincent was left for dead but he survived. “I prayed the whole time when they put the shotgun to me. I was the first one they captured,” Simple said.

Vincent and his brother Gregory are demanding their brother Christopher's heartless killers be brought to justice and pay for what they’ve done.

“It's just heartbreaking. The community needs to stand up and we need to get these cowards. They are totally cowards. I am calling them out. I have zero fear of you,” Simple said.

Community activist Quannell X joined the family and called on police to step up their presence in the community.

“We need law enforcement to work with the community and send a message. Crime cannot flourish. It cannot prosper in this community because people in this neighborhood are living like hostages,” Quannell X said.

The Simple family is offering a reward for information leading to an arrest in the case. For more information head to www.myevent.com/doitforchris.

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