How to work remotely while traveling the world

Pangea 196 allows remote workers to travel the world

HOUSTON – Office jobs aren’t for everyone, and Houstonian Jessica Ivins made the decision to break free from her 9 to 5 job in hotel management and work remotely- free from the office environment.

“I just couldn’t handle it,” Ivins said. “So I set off to say that I was going to figure out a way to do what I want and work from anywhere."

So Ivins took a chance, and launched a new career in social media marketing. Which means she can work from anywhere.

And when Ivins found out there was a company right here in Houston, that would allow her to work and travel the world for an entire year--she was sold.

Lawrence Kalinov is one of the founders of Pangea196, a Houston startup company that caters to remote workers who have an itch to travel.

"They can be anywhere, instead of working at a Starbucks for example, they can be traveling the world the whole time,” Kalinov said.

Pangea196 arranges travel accommodations for a group of remote workers for an entire year; the group visits three continents and a total of 12 countries, from January to December.

They start the year off in Ecuador in January, and round out the year in Tokyo, Japan.

You must go through an application process and be approved, and there is a $3,000 down payment. From then on, the trip costs $2,000 a month, and includes lodging, activities, volunteer opportunities, and an office space with internet access.

"We have people that are mortgage brokers, marketing people, we have a poet, and these are people that don't have to go into their office every day,” Kalinov said.

For Ivins, the benefits extend beyond seeing new places—she looks forward to working with other remote workers, instead of working on her own.

"It's just me, I have to keep myself motivated, but to have other people that are doing the same thing that will be a little easier for me…When you put that many people together who are entrepreneurs you never know what could come up so there could be new business ideas." Ivins said. 

Visit their site to apply for Pangea196’s next trip.