Houston Zoo adds 'Joshua' to giraffe exhibit

Photo: Stephanie Adams/Houston Zoo
Photo: Stephanie Adams/Houston Zoo (Stephanie Adams/Houston Zoo)

HOUSTON – The Houston Zoo just received a new addition to its giraffe exhibit. Joshua, a male Masai giraffe, arrived at the Houston Zoo this past Saturday.

Joshua was a resident of the Virginia Zoo as recently as last week. He has been transferred to Houston per the recommendation of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. The hope is that Joshua will be able to mate and sire calves with the female Masai giraffes currently at the Houston Zoo.

The addition of Joshua comes just days after Miles, another male Masai giraffe, departed Houston for the Greenville Zoo in South Carolina. Miles departed due to a similar mating-based recommendation.

Zoo guests will still have to wait 30 days to see Joshua as he is currently being quarantined and monitored by zoo veterinarians and keepers. This procedure is standard for the intake of new animals.