EPA proposes plan to decontaminate San Jacinto River waste pits


GALVESTON, Texas – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has released a plan to tackle contamination issues in Harris County.

The presented plan hopes to remove 202,000 cubic yards of contaminated material from the San Jacinto waste pits Superfund site. This process is estimated to cost roughly $96.9 million. The plan comes with it 800-900 documents worth of administrative records concurring with the proposition.

The EPA added the San Jacinto site to its National Priorities list in 2008. This recognition of priority comes after tests turned up dioxin and furan contaminations near the waste pits.

Contaminations such as these have reportedly harmed people in the Galveston Bay area, especially those who consumed fish and crab that came in contact with dioxin.

The Galveston Bay Foundation applauds the decision, saying, "We can take heart in knowing that removal of the remaining wastes, which continue to pose a looming threat to the river and Bay users, will solve the San Jacinto River Waste Pit issues once and for all."

The plan will enter a 60-day period in which it is open for public comment beginning on Thursday and ending on Nov. 28.