Police shoot at armed man


Pasadena officers shot at an armed man who led them on a chase, according to Pasadena police.

Officers said they were called to a Kroger for a disturbance involving a man carrying a gun.

When officers arrived, customers pointed them in the direction of a car that was fleeing the scene, according to authorities.

The man in the car led officers on a brief chase to his house, where he jumped out of the car while it was still moving in order to run from police, authorities said.

The officers asked the man to stop, and that is when police said he reached for something in his pants.

Police said they feared he was reaching for a gun, so they fired off several warning shots towards the man, but he was never struck.

The uninjured man surrendered and was taken into police custody, according to officers.

The man did have a gun on him, and it is not clear why he ran, police said.