Woman looking for owner of bible found in Walgreens parking lot

SPRING, Texas – A Woodlands woman is hoping to use the power of social media to find the owner of a bible that she found in a parking lot.

Sherry posted a photo of a bible in the Rayford Road Round Up Spring, Texas Facebook page on Thursday. She said she and her 11-year-old son, Blake, found someone's Bible in a shopping cart in a Walgreens parking lot on Rayford Road last week. 

"I opened it and read it and it said it was for someone, and so I was sad they they might of not got it," Blake said. "I figured it could've been someone's and meant something to someone."

She thought about bringing into the store to see if someone would come back to pick it up, but she was scared it would be forgotten or thrown away.

"I figured it might have fallen out of someone's vehicle. It was all dried up and dirty when I found it," Sherry said. "Looks as though it had been possibly rained on."

There's a handwritten message inside the Bible that reads:

"To Paige
 From Ms. Shannon
 May God Bless you as he has done me."

Sherry hopes that the owner of the Bible is desperately looking for it.

"I'm crossing my fingers that it wasn't intentionally thrown away," Sherry said. "When I see a bible sitting there and it belongs to someone, it's only natural to try and find the owner."

She said she and her family take Christianity seriously, so she brought the bible home and posted the photo on Facebook hoping to find the owner.

"It was meant for me to find it," Sherry said. "I didn't want to leave it inside the store in case someone would not come pick it or or eventually toss it in the trash. It was a gift from someone special, someone that they loved and obviously someone they loved them."

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