Tim Kaine makes campaign stop in Houston

HOUSTON – Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine campaigned Friday morning in the downtown Houston area.

Kaine made a push for Texans to rally behind him and Hillary Clinton, using the campaign's Stronger Together theme throughout his speech.

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee introduced Kaine, who arrived in Texas from California.

Kaine spoke about the nation's economy, telling the Houston crowd that he and Clinton promise an economy for the country that "works for everybody" by investing more money in education, infrastructure and research.

"We can see the spirit. We can see the energy. We can see a state that's been a red state, (but) moving in the best direction," Kaine said.

He also talked about domestic safety, referencing the protests in Charlotte, North Carolina, and the police shootings in Dallas.

Kaine told the audience he and Clinton want more community training for police officers to build a better relationship between law enforcement and the public.

He also criticized Donald Trump for Trump's comments about women, Muslims, minorities and Mexicans.

While talking about the nation's armed forces, Kaine also criticized Trump for comments the Republican presidential candidate made about John McCain's war record.

"He trashes the military. He says the military is a disaster. He makes fun of John McCain because he was a POW," Kaine said.

Friday's fundraiser was held at the Communications Workers of America Local Union 6222. Tickets started at $500.

Kaine is headed to Austin for two more fundraising events. Tickets begin at $10,000 each.

Based on average ticket prices and attendance numbers from the Clinton campaign, Kaine has helped raise more than $16 million this past month. Clinton has raised around $13 million.