Strangers pay for foster moms' vacation in Galveston

HOUSTON – Two moms, keeping up with 15 kids between them, many of them foster kids, got a special surprise when they decided to take a well-deserved girl's weekend in Galveston.

It's a story posted to Facebook that's now making its way across the internet.

Jamie Hunsicker is on a mission, a quest to say thank you.

"It was a huge blessing," she said, describing a gift she didn't see coming.

Hunsicker's story starts in Galveston, during a chance trip with a friend last week to The San Luis Resort.

"We were just hanging at the pool, relaxing, enjoying the last night where you don't have to wake up in the middle of the night to do things," she said.

Hunsicker was referring to the children she and her friend foster. She currently has six children: three biological, one adopted, and two foster children.

She said she and her friend shared their experience with strangers at the resort.

People, who, in turn, thought they'd give back.

Unbeknownst to Hunsicker, a couple they paid for her stay.

"I hope God blesses them ten-fold for what they gave us and I'm very thankful," she said.

Hunsicker shared her experience in a Facebook post, thanking the mystery couple who did so much.

She's since returned home to Colorado, speaking to KPRC 2 by way of Skype. 

"Makes your heart go, 'Oh, what I've been doing makes sense to other people and it's validating and great,'" Hunsicker said.