Restaurant Report Card: Black slime, chipped paint found in local eateries

HOUSTON – We talk about it all the time, slime in the ice machine and how gross that is.

But at Roman Delight Pizza and Pasta at the Baybrook Mall, health inspectors noted heavy, black slime in the ice maker.

The machine was immediately quarantined and every speck of ice thrown away.

Inspectors also found chipping paint on the kitchen ceiling and on the air vent fan above the kitchen.

At Cantina Laredo on Westheimer, dangerous temperatures caught the inspector's eye.

There they found guacamole, beef, sour cream, cheese and tuna all not safe for human consumption.

All of those foods were found to be off temperature.

Moving on to the Hawallano Restaurant at 1521 Gessner Road, inspectors reported signs of rodent activity.

There they found dried, rodent droppings in the dry storage area and also in the area where they wash eating utensils.

Our next stop, Schlotzsky’s Deli on Kingwood Drive in Kingwood, was where 100 pounds of ice was found to be contaminated with a mixture of yellow and black slime.

Health inspectors also found packaged lettuce stored right on the floor.

And a crawling cockroach caught the attention of health inspectors at Restaurante Las Hamacas on Hammerly.

Inspectors spotted the insect crawling on the hand sink in the kitchen.

They also found the back door missing a screen to keep out pests.

And we are raising our glasses this week to Raising Cane’s on Dairy Ashford.

The popular hot spot for chicken tenders and delicious dips earns our A-Plus rating for an absolutely spotless, inspection report.

File: RRC 090116