Father makes plea to thieves who took dead daughter's electronics from his car

HOUSTON – J.B. Danziger has a hard time talking about his daughter.

"She was just a beautiful person," he said.

Jessica, 35, died suddenly on Aug. 8. She was buried 10 days ago.

On Monday, her dad was tying up some loose ends, running errands and taking care of things as fathers do.

"I went to the bank to close out accounts and credit cards and stuff," he said.

His next stop was the post office. He went to the branch on Weslayn near Bissonnet.

While he was inside, burglars broke into his car.

"I came out and came around and saw the window just smashed open," he said.

"I knew the bag had been taken and I had her laptop, but I honestly forgot that I had her iPad in there," he said.

The iPad had an image of a colorful elephant on the cover.

Her Toshiba laptop also had a colorful decal on the top.

Jessica's parents are desperate to get the items back.

"I want her laptop and iPad back. There's nothing of value on there to anyone except me and my wife. Her contacts, her history, all of her photos. We want it back. Be a kind person and return it. I don’t want to prosecute anybody. I just want her stuff back,” he said.