Couple weds through tornado warning

Sirens don't stop couple from its vows


A couple in Grand Rapids, Michigan, decided tornado sirens weren't going to keep them from following through on their vows.


The two kept their wedding going despite the sirens interrupting their ceremony, according to mlive.com.


The paper reported Brandon Warner and Breane Proctor had "waited for their wedding long enough" when the decided to go through with the ceremony on Aug. 20.


The sirens weren't enough to stop Warner, who said to keep going despite the sirens starting as Proctor was about to make her way to meet her groom.


"We just kind of shrugged our shoulders and went down the aisle," Proctor told mlive.com two days later as the couple honeymooned in the Carolinas.


The report said sirens went off again as the couple was presented and the wedding party huddled beneath the balconies. The paper reported that a brief tornado did touch down three miles away.