Bond raised to $75k for man accused of decapitating auto shop owner

HOUSTON – The man accused of decapitating the owner of an auto parts store in southeast Houston appeared in court Monday morning.

After the judge read the charges and details of the crime 62-year-old Raymond Jackson is accused of committing, his bond was raised from $50,000 to $75,000. 

Jackson is charged with killing Enayatolah Khorsand. Jackson is accused of beating Khorsand, 58, with a baseball bat, then stabbing him repeatedly with a machete, before grabbing a plastic bag and severing Khorsand's head from his body.

Prosecutors said surveillance cameras inside the auto parts store recorded Jackson as he killed Khorsand.

According to probable cause documents, Jackson and Khorsand knew one another. Investigators said Khorsand often hired Jackson for odd jobs around the shop in the 9100 block of Mykawa Road.

Prosecutors said a witness, who is an employee, saw Jackson Thursday at the shop at 6 p.m. According to probably cause, Khorsand allowed Jackson to sweep floors for money.  During their encounter, it's alleged Jackson and Khorsand got into an altercation.

Surveillance cameras, according to probable cause, first captured Jackson beating Khorsand with a baseball bat, then walking out of the camera's view, only to return with a machete. After stabbing Khorsand, it's alleged Jackson then cut off his head.

"The suspect is now seen walking to the vehicle area and is now seen walking with a plastic bag. He is seen kneeling down by the victim's body, picking up the machete and severing the victims head off," audio from the probable cause hearing stated.

Police arrested Jackson Friday afternoon at his mother's home on Groton near Buffum in Sunnyside. He is charged with murder.

A judge set Jackson's bond at $50,000.