Suspected bank robbers crash getaway car after chase, police say

People pick up loot thrown out by suspected bandits, source says

HOUSTON – Two people were arrested Tuesday morning after police said they crashed a getaway car after robbing a bank.

Marquise Taylor, 21, was the driver and Vereck Johnson, 22, was the gunman, according to investigators.

Both are charged with aggravated robbery and evading arrest.

The robbery was reported at 10:15 a.m. at the Comerica Bank branch at 800 Lockwood Drive.

Investigators said Johnson walked into the bank and held employees at gunpoint while he demanded money. After getting the cash, he ran out of the bank and jumped into a white car driven by Taylor.

Police chased the car for about 10 minutes, investigators said. During the chase, one of the men threw a gun out of the window. Loot from the robbery was also thrown out of the car, causing a frenzy of people trying to grab the cash.

VIDEO: Watch surveillance video of crash

The chase ended when the getaway car crashed into another vehicle at the intersection of Salina Street and Lockwood Drive, investigators said.

One of the men ran from the car, carrying the bank bag, and was immediately arrested by officers, investigators said. The second man was arrested a short time later in the yard of a nearby house.

Investigators said all of the stolen cash was recovered.

Taylor was the one who ended up in the backyard of Joy West when police arrested him.

West's next door neighbor, Carolyn Mock, watched the arrest go down and said she knows why Taylor wasn't wearing a shirt.

"(The police) came in my yard asking me if I had a ladder to get on the roof and on the roof were (the suspect's) clothes," Mock said.

Liz Montano showed up at the Comerica on Lockwood Tuesday morning to check on her daughter, who is an employee there.

"She says the guy kept waving the gun back and forth at everybody," Montano recalled her daughter telling her via text message. "I got scared because this is the second time that this has happened to her."

She also said her daughter was held up at gunpoint at a Wells Fargo a while ago.

The suspects hit another driver during the chase.

"They ran right into me, while they were running from the law. They put a lot of people in danger," the other driver told KPRC 2. "They slid right into me. The front of their car right into the side of my car. My whole car ended up turning around."

The FBI has taken over the investigation.

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