Rash of car burglaries leaves neighborhood on edge

HOUSTON – A surveillance camera provided a close look at a crook in action in the 1000 block of Rosine Street in Houston.

It only took about 15 seconds after spotting stuff inside a Jeep that he breaks in and gets away.

The SUV belongs to Justin Locascio's girlfriend.

"The guy is going through, you can see him come down the street going through all the windows checking them with his light," Locascio said.

The thief got away with nearly $500 worth of makeup and caused hundreds in damage.

And Locascio isn't alone.

He believes the guy caught on video surveillance may be the same person who's been terrorizing the street recently.

"A few of the neighbors have said that about two months ago they had their cars broken into," said Locascio.

"It's happened the whole way around the block. For some reason they're focused on this block. Probably because they're getting away with it," said Jo Clark, who also lives in the neighborhood.

Despite being caught on camera, weeks have gone by and police still haven't been able to catch the guy.

While residents wait for it to happen, they're left warning others about parking down along the street.

"Hopefully this gets fixed. We thought putting in cameras would help, but so far it hasn't deterred anyone," said Locascio.

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