Friendswood weightlifter claims bronze at Olympics


RIO DE JANEIRO – Thought it’s taken her a while to embrace it, there’s a reason two-time Olympic weightlifter Sarah Robles is known as the strongest woman in America.

“I'm not one to boast about my accomplishments. That’s not something I’d ever mention to someone when they first meet me,” Robles said.


On Sunday, her talent, skill and strength earned her a bronze medal.

Between two of her lifts, she lifted a whopping 630 pounds.

Robles is one of only three women to medal in weightlifting.

“It's a representation of the hard work and sacrifices that I've made and the things that I've gone through to get to this point,” Robles said.

Robles is from California but now calls Friendswood home. She is a volunteer coach for Team Houston Weightlifting Club in League City and trains six days a week.

“It’s small, it's just a two-car garage. I’ve got barbells and plates in my coach’s neighborhood. We're lifting weights and doing good things,” Robles said.

Robles did not embark on this journey alone and dreams of one day bringing home Olympic gold. The bronze medal she wears around her neck is as much for her as it is for the people who’ve supported and motivated her along the way.

“No Olympic athlete gets here by themselves. You need help from other people,” Robles said.

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