Boyfriend takes drunk girlfriend to police station


FRIENDSWOOD, Texas – A woman was arrested and charged with resisting arrest after her boyfriend drove her to the police department in Friendswood on Aug.12, police said.

Shortly after being released from the Galveston County Jail, the woman, 30, got a ride to a local restaurant, consumed a lot of alcohol and became disruptive after her boyfriend picked her up and tried to drive her home, according to police.

The boyfriend realized he couldn't control her, so he drove to the police department to ask for help, reports said.

When an officer got to the parking lot, the woman staggered away.

Police said she was highly intoxicated and a danger to herself, so they put her in handcuffs and walked her to the police department.

Once inside the police department, the woman stopped and refused to walk any farther. She began yelling and cursing and dropped to the ground, according to police.

When she threw herself to the ground, she hit her head, police said.

She was taken to an area hospital for evaluation. A warrant was issued for the woman for resisting arrest.