Officers attend child's birthday party after guests cancel

YUKON, Okla. – It's hard raising a child with special needs, but one mom in Oklahoma is getting some much-needed support.

It's coming from the police department in the town of Yukon.

Brayden Hubbard has autism, and his mother was having a hard time getting people to come to his birthday party.
She almost had to call it off because so many people canceled.

That changed because someone anonymously called the police department and told them about the mother's dilemma.

"For them to take their time out of the day and just for them to come say hi to Brayden, just to tell him happy birthday, it means a lot," said Terra Hubbard, Brayden's mother.

She also says it took a while for her son to warm up to the officers, but before long he was in the front seat of a patrol car.