Compressor noise causing headaches for neighbors in Chambers County

BEACH CITY, Texas – The view from Connie Sellars’ home is breathtaking.

It sits right on Trinity Bay in Chambers County.

Connie and her husband retired and moved there to relax, or so they thought.

“We moved out here so we could hear birds and waves, and all you hear now is this compressor,” Connie said.

The compressor is apparently connected to a high-pressure pipeline. Neighbors said it runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

It sits on a piece of wide-open property with nothing around to absorb the sound. Neighbors said it’s loud and annoying and they want something done about it.

They’re angry because their homes were here first; they said the machinery was put in just over a year ago.

“If the wind blows from the south it’s not that bad, but if the wind blows from the north, it sounds like it’s right next door, or in my bedroom,” said Sellars.

Sellars said she and many of her neighbors have been trying to get the problem fixed for months, but because they live outside city limits, they aren’t protected by local noise ordinances.

“There’s nothing that really protects people who live outside the city limits,” she said.

The compressor is owned by Galveston Bay Energy LLC. A few months ago, the company filed for bankruptcy. The trustee handling the case said executives had planned to put up some sort of barriers to block the noise, but they ran out of money.

Now, the business will be sold at auction and new owners will take over.

The trustee said hopefully they and the neighbors can come to an agreement.

The sale and purchase of the business is scheduled to happen by the end of September.

“We’re not looking for a lawsuit,” Connie said. “But if we have to we will. We just want the noise lowered.”