Baby with lizard in mouth surprises mother

HOUSTON – Baby Zoe is 14 months old, as cute as can be, learning to walk and likes to put things in her mouth.

Things like baby lizards.

Thursday she was helping mom eat some protein pancakes, walked away, and came back with an extra source of protein.

"One of the times she came back to have another bite of food, I saw her like grabbing her mouth and pulling something out of it," recalls her mother, Michelle Moreno. "It happened to be a lizard."

Have no fear. Mom knew exactly what to do.

"I started freaking out, called my husband, I wanted to rush her to the hospital because I was like, 'I don't know what to do,'" Moreno said. "Called my mom, out of the country."

Zoe checked out fine at the doctor, but her mom and dad now have a reminder for fellow parents.

"You think that's never going to happen to you," says Zoe's dad Joel Mayet. "Because I always keep an eye on my babies, that they're OK, nothing's going to happen. But you never know. I mean, look at me. I was saying that all the time, 'Everything is OK.' Nothing like that is going to happen. And now here we are talking about baby eating a lizard."

Zoe's parents say they will keep an extra eye on her but until further notice she’s restricted from any extra protein in her diet.

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