Triplets return to hospital where they were born for reunion

HOUSTON – Memorial Hermann’s first set of identical triplets returned to the hospital they were born at Friday for a patient reunion.

Kinsley, Savannah and Addison Harris were born 10 weeks early last December. They were in the NICU at Memorial Hermann Southeast for about a month, before they were able to head home to League City.

The girls weighed just 3 pounds, but today their mother Stephanie Harris says they weigh 14-16 pounds. “Food is crazy now especially since they're eight months and they're starting to eat more,” Harris said.

She says the biggest change in her life, as most new moms know, is no time to rest. “There is no sleep anymore,” Harris said. “During nap time I’m changing bottles and doing laundry.”

She says all three girls have unique personalities. Kinsley is the dominant triplet, who always seems to do things first. Savannah is more calm and laid back. Addison is the soft-spoken sister.

Their mother Stephanie grew emotional upon their return to the hospital. “With them it was a very risky pregnancy,” Harris said. “Doctors honestly didn’t know whether they'd survive or not, so coming back and being here and with them is incredible.”

While most people can’t tell the girls apart, especially since their mom dresses them in identical outfits, Harris says she can always tell who is who. “I can tell them all apart from the back of their heads,” Harris said. “I don’t know how, I guess it’s the mommy instinct.”

She says she and her husband take care of the girls without any help, except for when the grandparents step in to save the day.