Muslim couple kicked off Delta Airlines flight

An Ohio couple is fighting back after they were kicked off a Delta Airlines flight last month because of their appearance.

Nazia and Faisal Ali, who are American citizens of Pakistani descent, say a flight attendant was uncomfortable with them being on a flight from Paris because they were using their cellphone pre-flight and Faisal used the word Allah, which means God.

They say their romantic 10th anniversary trip was turned into a nightmare as people watched their embarrassing experience of being ushered off the plane. They also had to wait an extra 24 hours to return home to their children.

"That was kind of humiliating," Nazia said. "Why were we treated like criminals?"

A complaint was filed with the Department Of Transportation.

Delta Airlines issued a statement about the incident:

"Delta condemns discrimination toward our customers...as a global airline...Delta is deeply committed to treating all of our customers with respect. Delta con

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