Man pushes for charges after ducks run over

Ducks known for camping out at Deltona Circle K

DELTONA, Fla. – It's an animal lover's worst nightmare.

"You ran over some cute ducks that kids love and were literally scavenging for water out of a little puddle," said Louis Landau.

Landau said he's furious after he saw a man on Saturday morning hit four ducks who usually camp outside the Circle K gas station.

"They would 'quack quack' right around your feet and they were adorable," he said.

Landau was buying crackers to feed the ducks, when he heard someone screaming.

"I see the ducks or what's left of the ducks, this tail end of this car who just literally ran them over," said Landau.

He said he was left with no choice but to chase down the driver.

"I'm running across with my crackers and I grab my phone out and I go and take a picture of his license plate in the back of his car and call the police. 'You're not going to get away with this,'" he said.

Landau then called authorities for help.

"Somebody put down some food to feed the ducks in the parking lot here. He purposely ran them over, killed one, one is injured in the bushes," he said in a call to dispatch.

Deputies said the driver, a 26-year-old man, didn't see the ducks but Landau said he's not buying it.

"If you're driving along and you hit something and you don't know what you hit, you stop. You get out and check if there's damage to your car, see what you hit and to make sure everything is okay," he said.

Landau immediately went to Facebook and said he's received a lot of support to press charges against the driver. He hopes law enforcement will soon take action.

"I want him to face the music for what he did. That is not acceptable for you to just hurt animals. You can't pick on something without a voice because we're going to give it a voice," he said.

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