Zika warnings divert travelers from popular vacationing spots

HOUSTON – Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner is renewing his calls for state and federal funds to fight the Zika virus.

His request comes as travel concerns are growing with the spread of the virus.

Federal health officials have issued an unprecedented travel warning for pregnant women.

Some Houston travelers have adjusted their plans.

The warning tells pregnant women to stay away from an area in Florida where it seems the mosquitoes have Zika.

Linda de Sosa, who works for a travel agency, said the majority of clients at Woodlake Travel have not shown an aversion to traveling within the mainland US.

But there is one group on high alert: honeymooners. That's because some want to have a baby soon.

That's exactly who the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are trying to protect with travel advisories. The newest area to avoid is Miami-Dade County in Florida.

Florida officials are now rushing in reinforcements -- an emergency response team from the CDC.

Alarm bells are going off after the number of Zika cases from local mosquitoes more than tripled -- from four to 14 -- in less than a week.

The CDC said people who have visited the area since June should wait at least eight weeks before trying to conceive and six months if you feel symptoms.
Because of this life-altering news, de Sosa has found herself being more than a travel agent.

There have been more cases in Harris County than in Florida.

However, the local health department believes all of the Harris County cases are travel-related.