Top 10 delinquent property tax accounts in Harris County for sale

Oldest account dates to 1984


HOUSTON – People who don’t pay their property taxes could have their property sold. That was the message Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector Mike Sullivan sent Wednesday during a monthly auction of the county’s top 10 delinquent accounts.

Representing about $3 million in uncollected taxes, Sullivan said the balances for the most delinquent accounts range from about $163,000 to more than $955,000.

Sullivan said his office collects about $6 billion in taxes each year, and has a 98 percent success rate.

"The 2 percent that ends being uncollected and outstanding at this point is a lot of money for those 70 jurisdictions that I collect for," Sullivan said. "That’s about $320 million."

The oldest account up for sale this month is 7315 Jensen Road, which has been delinquent since 1984. Sullivan said the more than $182,000 due on the account went uncollected this long because there was a disability deferment on the property.

The most expensive account for sale this month is at 622 Preston Ave., formerly the site of an apartment complex. The total due on that account is $955,990.

Sullivan reminded people who are having trouble paying their taxes that the agency offers many assistance and deferment programs for those who qualify.

For more information about any of the properties up for sale, the complete list of the top 10 most delinquent accounts in the county or tax help information, visit hctax.net.

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