Small-business-owning family wants insulation burglar caught

HOUSTON – The family that owns CJ’s Builder Services off 290 near Fairbanks North Houston Road wants the person who keeps breaking into their warehouse to be caught.

The burglar can be seen on surveillance video stealing huge, expensive bundles of insulation. He’s also accused of taking a generator, an entire tool box and lawn equipment – all of it is valued at more than $10,000. 

“We’re out there, a small company, family owned and trying to survive against the big boys,” said Randy Lee, owner of CJ’s Builder Services. “We get $10,000 - $20,000 worth of stuff stolen, that is a big hurt for a small company.”


The business was broken into three times, on June 10, June 30 and again on July 15. Lee thinks it was the same person each time because the same man is seen on surveillance video. They have reported the thefts to the Houston Police Department, which is now investigating.

Lee wants the thief caught, but he also wants other business owners in the area to know this is happening so they can be on the lookout and lock up their shops. 

“I hope somebody will see the video and put themselves in our shoes, do the right things and turn him in.”