Sheriff's Office looks for owner of marijuana plant

Photo courtesy Bedford County Sheriff's Office
Photo courtesy Bedford County Sheriff's Office

If you know anyone in Shelbyville, Tennessee who is missing a big marijuana plant, you might want to tell them to call the Sheriff's Office.

The Bedford County sheriff shared a photo of the plant on its Facebook page with the funny caption:

"This plant was found off of a road here in the county. If you have recently lost your marijuana plant and want to claim ownership, come by the BCSO and ask for Lt. Kennedy, after some quick paperwork he can get you on your way! #its420somewhere."

Facebook users had some fun with the post.

"My guess is the Sheriff's Deputy could use this comment list to WEED out a long list of suspects! Too funny!" Susan Travis Jones wrote.

"Can you please update us if someone is dumb enough to claim the plant?!? No names needed," Susan Speight wrote.

"Make it your Christmas tree," Steven Carty said.

As far as we know, the plant has not been claimed.