Man accused of punching 64-year-old several times in face at gas station

Michael Maldonado has been charged with aggravated assault


HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – A 64-year-old man was punched several times in the face at a gas station in Harris County, authorities said.

It happened at 11 p.m. on July 19 at the Corner Store gas station at 5050 FM 2920.

The victim said he stopped at the station on his way home from work for gas and food.

According to court documents, the victim noticed a car with dark-tinted windows stop on the other side of the pump he was using. The victim said the person inside the car, Michael Maldonado, 24, got out and said something to him, but he was unsure what.

The victim believed Maldonado was lost and needed directions, so he asked if he could help him. That's when Maldonado walked toward the victim and said, "I'm going to (expletive) you up old man," according to a court documents.

The victim asked Maldonado what was wrong and that he didn't want any problems, authorities said. The victim said he finished pumping fuel and began to get in his minivan.

Maldonado continued to approach and threatened to damage the victim's minivan, according to the report. The victim got out of his minivan and told Maldonado to take it easy. That's when Maldonado began punching him in the face. The victim said he did not fight back and was unable to see after the first strike.

The victim was taken to a hospital. He suffered a fractured cheek bone and orbital bone from the assault.

Maldonado was charged with aggravated assault.