Woman caught on camera stealing package off porch

HOUSTON – An unwelcome guest showed up at the front door of the Rodrigue family's home.

Not only is she a total stranger, but she also swiped a package off the family's porch.

Gigi Rodrigue, who had a package stolen from the porch said: "I just felt so violated. You hear about it happening in other neighborhoods. You just never think it's going to happen to you."

She doesn't think the thief realized there were surveillance cameras on the porch.

Although the delivery guy dropped off a total of five boxes at the family's doorstep, they say the thief got away with one of them worth about $150.

Of all things, it was one of two guardrails for a toddler bed.

"Our thoughts were she's probably going to open up this box and be disappointed that she didn't score huge," Rodrigue said.

It turns out, the Rodrigues aren't the only ones who've been targeted along Emnora Lane in Spring Branch.

Some of their neighbors have also been hit.

"My neighbors down the way had the furniture removed from their patio taken essentially. They come home and it's not there anymore," Rodrigue said.

Neighbors are hoping someone will recognize the woman on camera and help put her behind bars, before she comes knocking again.

"She's stealing from people's home. She's stealing from families. Hard-working families. We work hard every day to purchase the things that we do," Rodrigue said.

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