State Fair of Texas releases Big Tex Choice Awards semifinalists


DALLAS – The State Fair of Texas announced semifinalists for the Big Tex Choice awards, and the lists consists of some fried food goodness.

The State Fair of Texas has been a tradition since 1886. It is the longest-running fair in the country and one of the largest.

People plan ahead just to take a trip to the fair to celebrate all things Texas, and especially the food.

The list of the Big Tex Choice Awards semifinalists includes bacon wrapped churros, fried Jello-O, crunchy fried oinkers and funnel cake sundae. So anyone planning on dieting might want to start now before the fair opens up on Sept. 30.

2016 Big Tex Choice Awards Semifinalists

  • Bacon wrapped churros
  • Bacon wrapped pork belly on a stick
  • Barn yard burger
  • Buffalo Chicken Jalapeno Poppers
  • Caribbean Pineapple korn-a-copia
  • Cruncy fried oinkers
  • Dallas' fried bacontilla
  • Deep fried bacon burger dog sliders on a stick
  • Deep fried bacon wrapped tater dog
  • Deep fried cannoli bites
  • Deep fried cheeseburger stuffed onion rings
  • Deep fried chicken basket
  • Deep fried Hawaiian hoops
  • Deep fried nachos
  • Deep fried nachos
  • Deep fried pulled pork "funyun" dings
  • Deep fried smoked salmon and bacon croquettes
  • Dorito bacon fried cheese stick
  • Down home chicken pot pie pocket (with mac 'n cheese dip)
  • Fried cookies & cream sundae
  • Fried Jell-O
  • Fried prime rib quesadill"o"
  • Funnel cake sundae
  • Holy guacamole balls
  • Injectable great balls of BBQ
  • Loaded bacon mashed potato egg roll
  • Lollipop fried bacon wrapped quail breast on a stick
  • Pina-A lot-Ta
  • Seductive fried sea salt caramel wrap
  • Shrimp fritters
  • Southern Fried Chicken & Dumplin's
  • State fair cookie fries
  • State fair edible colas
  • Texas fried buffalo quail
  • Texas fried pinatacolupa

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