Controversy surrounds start of DNC

The controversy over leaked Democratic National Committee emails was the talk of Philadelphia as delegates prepared for the start of their party's convention.


Houstonians traveling as part of the Texas Delegation had mixed reviews to the emails which Bernie Sanders supporters say prove DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and staffers secretly helped Hillary Clinton. 


"The emails come out and everybody realized that the sky is blue and she was working against Senator Sanders, colluding with the Clinton campaign," said Gabriel Silva, a 19-year-old University of Houston student and Sanders supporter.


Schultz announced Sunday she would resign, but only after the convention.


"It is naive to think  anyone active in a party is neutral, but her overt actions needed to be above reproach," said former Houston mayor Annise Parker.
Despite the controversy, Houston Democrats were optimistic about the week ahead.

"I want us to be united after watching the RNC last week," said Congressman Gene Green.

Sanders and First Lady Michelle Obama speak in prime time at the convention Monday night.


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