10-year-old with cancer dreams of meeting Astros players

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HOUSTON – By Kim Rogers - Staff

Diehard Astros fans Joseph Fleming and his family can be found at every game. His stepfather says, “If there’s a game on, [they’re] watching it. There’s no doubt about it."

But recently, the 10-year-old athlete from League City was diagnosed with a rare cancer in his liver and lungs. Now, family and friends are looking for a way to make his time in a hospital bed as memorable as possible. They’re dreaming big, seeking a way for the young fan to meet his Astros idols.

According to his stepfather, Jeremiah Price, Joseph was diagnosed Friday with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). As of right now, they don’t know of a cure, but the family is transferring him from Texas Children’s Hospital to MD Anderson for more information.

Health problems have never gotten in Joseph’s way before though. He was born with cirrhosis of the liver, but it hasn’t kept him off the baseball field. Price said he started with Little League at 3 years old, and now there's "not a time when you can catch his mom without a baseball in her purse, so he can play catch with somebody."