Thieves target Heights park for unsuspecting victims

Police investigate car break-ins at park

HOUSTON – Police investigated seven car break-ins at a park in the Heights since May.

"It's so saddening that an older person will take a young boy with him to commit such a crime," said a victim who didn't want to give her identity.

She said the pair used more than $300 of her money to buy shoes at a store inside Sharpstown Mall Wednesday.

The woman said it started about an hour earlier as she sat outside the Love Park pool in the Heights watching her son's swimming lesson.

"I got an alert from my phone that my card was being used and I had my purse underneath my driver's side seat," the victim said.

She rushed to her car in the parking lot and found a shattered window. Her purse was gone.

"While I was on the phone with my bank, I got another alert that they were at the Sharpstown Mall using my card at a shoe store," the victim said.

A manager at that store released the video to the victim in hopes of catching the thieves.

At Love Park, people were stunned.

"We don't want that to inhibit children's activities or fun and so that's upsetting," Madison McBurney said. "It makes me think that the community kind of needs to get together and put a stop to it."

The victim, though, said she's not waiting for that to happen.

"I'm actually thinking of not coming here anymore because I feel that the environment is not safe for me and my child," the victim said.

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