Houstonians react to Munich attack

HOUSTON – Linda de Sosa is a travel consultant who helps Houstonians book trips all over the world.

She said the recent attacks in Istanbul, Paris and Munich are definitely on the mind of travelers. Some have even changed or canceled plans.

"I have a family that goes to France every summer. This year they decided to go to California. They decided to stay in country. Alaska has also been very popular. Not a lot of terrorists in Alaska," de Sosa said.

She said people shouldn't be worried to travel. She offers tips on how to stay safe overseas and even hands out a list of advice to her clients.

"You want to avoid large groups, celebrations, protests, sporting events and those types of things," she said.

The news of the Munich attack is hitting close to home for George Kaua.

He lived in Germany for 12 years, has family in Munich and has been to the mall where the shootings happened.

"It's a mall outside the Olympic stadium called the Olympic mall. It's got a bunch of small shops. Lots of people and lots of tourists," Kaua said.

He's been keeping in constant contact with his family through texts and Facebook.

"They said please don't walk the streets. Everyone stay inside. And the count of people who have been hurt and the death count keep rising," Kaua said.