Dozens rally for Alva Braziel at site of deadly shooting

HOUSTON – Dozens of people called for justice at a rally Saturday after the officer-involved shooting death of Alva Braziel.

Some even laid in the middle of Cullen Boulevard and Ward, which was the same place police officers shot and killed Braziel on July 9.

Officers said Braziel pointed a gun at them before they fired.

“We just want to know why. Why did the police have to shoot him down like that,” said Braziel's son Andre Merchant.

On Thursday, Houston police released body camera video, but it started only after officers fired the fatal shots.

“When the body cameras are able to be turned on and off at the police officers' will, then we decrease transparency and we decrease trust and it is a waste of our money and a slap in our face,” Anthony Collier said.

Just hours earlier, family and friends gathered for Braziel's funeral at the New Light Baptist Church.

His loved ones said they still have questions so it's difficult to move forward.

“I'm holding on for my momma. I'm going to stay strong for her. I'm going to hold her up through the rough time and keep going,” Merchant said.

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