Carlos Correa, Mattress Firm team up to dish out free mattress sets

HOUSTON – Astros shortstop Carlos Correa and Mattress Firm CEO Ken Murphy teamed up to give away mattresses to families in need.

The event was held Saturday morning in Houston.

The event coordinators weren't going to let a hot day get in the way of dishing out 500 mattresses, bed frames, sheet sets and pillows to children in need.

"Absolutely, it's a warm day but it's going to be a great night for all these young people to get a chance to start sleeping on an amazing new mattress and hopefully getting a better night's sleep starting tonight so we're pretty honored to be here with Carlos," Murphy said.

Many receiving mattress sets haven't had a bed to sleep on for months.

"I heard a lot of kids were waiting today to be able to get a bed because they haven't had a bed since the flood, so you know when I heard that, it impacted me even more because I mean they've been months already without beds, sleeping on the floor, sleeping on couches so obviously we want to be able to bring a bed to their houses so they can get some good rest," Correa said.

In the stores, Murphy said the sets they were giving away could go for around $500.

"It's a mattress, it's a box springs, it's bed frame, it's sheets, (and) it's a pillow. We wanted to make sure we, pardon the pun, touch all the bases for these families in need," he said.

Correa and Murphy are glad they are able to help.

"It's good. Especially those that are living in poverty. That's a good thing as well and I really appreciate what Mattress Firm is doing for everybody," Jennifer Reed said.

The initial distribution covered a quarter of the 2,000 sets Correa and Murphy want to give away.