Video evidence incomplete according to family of man shot by officers

HOUSTON – Nakita Braziel said based on the video she has seen, she still believes police used excessive force on her husband.

“They just started shooting. There wasn't no talking,” Braziel said.

We know from surveillance video that 13 seconds went by between the time the two police officers opened the doors to their squad car and Alva Braziel went down.

Police said the officers opened fire because Braziel had a gun, was waiving it in the air and pointed it at them before they opened fire.

Police also said they found the drug ecstasy on Braziel.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said there’s evidence leading authorities to believe Braziel was under the influence of drugs.


The body cameras the officers were wearing weren’t turned on until after those fatal shots were fired. It’s what they don’t show that has Braziel and her attorney concerned.

“The evidence is not complete at this time so she doesn't have any evidence. We're still launching an investigation,” Barbara Judson said.

HPD policy requires officers to activate the body cameras once they arrive at a scene but allows the officer to wait if they believe a threat isn’t contained.

Black Lives Matter Houston wants the policy strengthened.

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee said she is pleased with how the mayor handled the release of the video and said it’s good for all sides to raise questions.

“All communities, which include police and the community deserve answers. What we're trying to move toward what I want to add is building trust. These cameras help build trust,” Jackson Lee said.

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