Man caught for allegedly recording young girls in bathroom

ORLANDO, Fla. – Police at the University of Central Florida are crediting a football player and cheer coach with helping stop a voyeur targeting young girls.

Tristen Payton, a wide receiver on UCF's football team, and Joseph Morton, a cheer coach, are being applauded for stopping Jonathan Hui, a UCF student, from getting away after allegedly videotaping young girls in a bathroom.

"It's disgusting and people don't deserve that treatment," UCF Police Chief Richard Beary told reporters at a news briefing on Thursday.

UCF police said several girls attending a cheer camp at CFE Arena were in the bathroom on Wednesday when one of them noticed a phone videotaping her from the neighboring stall.

Police said the girl ran to tell her coach who witnessed Hui leave the girls restroom.

"The defendant was running pretty fast and there were some people chasing him and couldn't catch up," Beary said.

According to police records, police believe Hui was trying to delete videos after one of the detectives noticed a message on his phone, confirming to delete the content. Records also claim that he planned to send the videos to his friends.

The UCF police chief said the quick actions of the two men helped to catch the suspect.

Hui is charged with several counts of video voyeurism among other charges. He's been banned from UCF's campus and the future as a UCF student is in question.

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