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CLEVELAND, OhioKPRC 2 reporter Ryan Korsgard is covering the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Read below about his journey while covering the convention.

FRIDAY JULY 22, 2016 (Day 5)- My Last Blog Entry

Good morning from Cleveland! There is much relief here as the Republican National Convention ended without any major problems. At times we joked that there were more law enforcement officers inside Quicken Loans Arena than there were delegates on the floor of the arena. I don’t think that observation is far from accurate. 

Donald Trump laid out his plan for a Trump presidency late Thursday night. Some pundits said it was not the upbeat message that was needed to attract undecided voters. But it seemed exactly what the faithful wanted to hear inside the arena. Not only were all of the delegate seats filled inside the arena, but the aisles were full too as people gathered to watch the speech. Some expected Trump to make a grand entrance.  While the stage was grand, the entrance was not. Trump simply walked onto the stage that we understand he helped design.

Now the hard work begins for both campaigns. There are a little more than three months left until the election in November.  Both candidates will now crisscross the country in search of votes.  Usually a party will see a slight “bump” in the polls following the convention. The Republicans will have a few days to watch the polls before the Democrats get their convention underway in Philadelphia.

THURSDAY, JULY 21, 2016 (DAY 4) - Today’s the last day!

For many of those attending the Republican National Convention, this is something to celebrate!

Not because of how anyone feels about a certain political candidate, but rather because of the sleep deprivation that comes with events like this. Events start early in the day and last late into the night. One delegate told me that there is one thing missing from the schedule: “sleep!” She is right!

Sen. Ted Cruz spent the morning defending his speech from Wednesday night where he did not endorse Donald Trump as the party’s nominee. He told the audience at the breakfast for Republicans from Texas that when the attacks became personal, he decided not to honor his commitment to support the party’s nominee. Some in the room agreed with Cruz. Others said he should have publically endorsed the party’s nominee.

The program tonight starts at 6:20 Houston time. Trump’s daughter Ivanka will introduce her father. Both were seen on the stage during a mic check this afternoon. The balloons are already in giant nets above the delegates’ chairs ready to fall tonight at the precise time.

See you tonight on air and online with details on this historic night.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 20, 2016 (DAY 3) - What a day today!

We started out talking to supporters of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. Hundreds lined up to thank the former presidential candidate.

As Cruz thanked his supporters, Trump’s plane flew over.

Some in the crowd were captured, on video, booing the plane. Cruz asked if someone had emailed and arranged for the plane to fly over at that very moment.

Many people will be listening closely to see if Cruz endorses Trump.

An aid to Cruz would only say that Cruz would be positive and optimistic in his comments. He also said that Cruz had turned his speech over to the Trump people.

On the possible endorsement, the aid said he wants everyone to watch tonight.

Sen. Marco Rubio is expected to deliver comments by video.

Gov. Scott Walker is to appear in person before Vice President pick Gov. Mike Pence addresses the crowd.

Of Houston interest, a video honoring the anniversary of Apollo 11 will play early in the night. The first female shuttle commander, Col Eileen Collins (Ret.) will speak. All of this leads up to Trump’s speech on Thursday night.

TUESDAY, JULY 19, 2016 (DAY 2) - On the second day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, the subject most delegates and observers would rather not talk about is the controversy over Melania Trump’s speech.

Some believe the media are playing into the hands of Democrats who they said want to take the focus off of the Republican message at the convention.

We spotted a few protests around the arena this morning. All were calm. One called for the end to what it called “murder by police.”

Soon, dozens of police arrived on bikes and stood by. There are truly police officers everywhere here. We even spotted police from the Austin, Texas police department who are in Ohio working the convention.

Tonight, the program includes Dr. Ben Carson, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and two of Trump’s adult children. Both were seen inside the arena earlier for a sound check and to introduce them to the massive stage.

Delegates will formally nominate Trump during tonight’s program. We are already looking ahead to Wednesday’s program that includes Sen. Ted Cruz from Texas.

Monday, July 18, 2016 (Day 1)

The Republican National Convention is underway in Cleveland, Ohio! The Texas delegation loaded up onto buses this morning at the Marriott Key hotel. Texans in Ohio have a choice spot. One delegate said the hotel assignments were made when Texas Senator Ted Cruz was still in the race. A giant elephant, painted like the Texas flag, stands out front.

The line to get into the Quicken Loans Center can be long. It took our crew about an hour to get inside. There are two rings of security. The second ring included officers and police dogs going through our gear.  3.7 miles of fencing surround the arena. School buses full of police officers were trucked into downtown as we arrived for the day. I do not believe I have ever seen this many police officers. 

Inside delegates are all smiles as the convention got underway about noon, Houston time. We hope you’ll join us today at 4:00 for our first live report today as the convention gets underway.