Cy-Fair fire station dealing with 'Pokemon Go' traffic


HOUSTON – In front of the Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department station on Aspenglenn Street near Bear Creek, people are playing "Pokemon Go."

Some have been stopping on bicycles and others in their cars.

Workers at the station say this has been happening all day and into the night.

The problem is, at times, the crowds get big and firefighters say they can't get their trucks or ambulances out of the garage because of traffic.

Brian Shirley, with the fire department, says they've had people playing at 2 a.m.

It turns out the fire station is a Pokestop, sort of a "check-in" on the game, where players can collect points.

One woman said she spends about three hours a day playing the game.

Firefighters said the public is always welcome at any of their stations, but they're asking people to pay attention to where they're walking, riding and stopping their cars.