Big boa constricter found in woman's car

A woman Pennsylvania may have taken a ride with an unusual passenger on Thursday. She found an 8-foot-long boa constrictor in her vehicle.

Katie Hauer found the slithering surprise near her SUV in a Kingston parking lot.

"The snake was curled up underneath the front end of my car," Hauer said.

The elaborate rescue effort was caught on camera by fearless WBRE photojournalist Lonnie Miller.

A herpetologist, someone who studies reptiles and amphibians, was called to the scene.

"It was jammed between the heat shield and the floor pan," Cameron English said.

English got some help from Nathan Fortson, a man who used to own snakes. He was in the parking lot when Hauer found the boa.

"She was hissing pretty bad," Fortson said.

The vehicle was raised off the ground, and for 45 minutes, English and Fortson wrestled with the snake.

The snake was placed into a container and loaded into a truck.  English said that the boa constrictor is likely someone's lost pet, but he was still looking for the owner.

"I'm going to be checking under my car and around my car every single day now," Hauer said.