Student's 'White Boy Privilege' poem goes viral

DECATUR, Ga. – One 8th grade boy is attacking barriers of race and gender all on his own, after a poem he wrote for a middle school poetry slam went viral.

14-year-old Royce Mann starts the controversial poem by saying that he was born at the "top of the ladder", continuing on to list some of the ways he feels his life is privileged because of his race and gender.

We must warn you that the video below contains graphic language.

"There's still so much inequality in the world... And I'm not saying that we shouldn't be happy about what we've gotten done but we still need to keep on working towards equality," said Mann.

Mann later states in his lyrics that he hopes to turn that aforementioned ladder into a bridge, a metaphor not lost in society today.

Mann unsurprisingly won first place in the competition.