Local law enforcement attend memorial for fallen Dallas officers

LEAGUE CITY, Texas – Hundreds attended a candlelight vigil in Dallas just blocks away from where a sniper took the lives of several officers.

Five officers were killed while watching guard during a peaceful protest in downtown Dallas Thursday.

Investigators said Micah Xavier Johnson carried out what officials called a planned, calculated attack against law enforcement.

Officers in League City and agencies throughout the Houston area will travel to Dallas. President Obama and other political figures will be there too for a memorial service to remember those who died protecting others.

"We felt it was really important that we have a strong showing in the City of Dallas from Galveston County," said Galveston County Judge Mark Henry.

Henry paid for the bus ride to give officers from Galveston County a chance to attend the memorial service.

Officers said they felt a direct impact by last week's shootings.

"You see things on TV and thinking there's a possibility that that's never going to happen here," Galveston County Sheriff's Deputy Jared Rowlings said. "Then you see it down the road."

The group boarded a bus for Dallas, using the time to gather their thoughts and hopes.

"For the most part, peace. I just want everybody to hopefully learn to get along," said Lt. Marcus Alfred.