Restaurant report card: Unsafe food, ice, gnat infestations coming right up!

HOUSTON – Pour yourself something cool and get ready to take notes. This week’s Restaurant Report Card is out to protect your health.

We begin with the Black Walnut Cafe at 5510 Morningside Drive.

Here, inspectors found cheese, turkey, bacon and bean patties all stored dangerously warm and not safe to eat.

They also found slime in the ice machine.

Owners were told to sanitize that ice maker at least twice a week from now on.

File: Black Walnut Cafe report_20160707200626

At the NY Deli & Market at 12941 North Freeway, the reach-in cooler had to be quarantined after inspectors found tuna salad stored at 55 dangerous degrees.

The Health Department ordered managers to throw that food out.

All right, we all know that food and insects make a nasty combination.

File: NY Deli & Market report_20160707200626

But, at Hartz Chicken Buffet at 7590 North Wayside, inspectors found 10 pounds of raw fish in an open container of water with dead flies on top.

File: Hartz Chicken Buffet report_20160707200626

And El Big Bad, a Tex-Mex hot spot at 419 Travis, got a bad report.

Inspectors wrote the place up for having fish, chicken, shrimp and crab that were off temperature, and 29 pounds of the stuff were condemned.

The manager told us and then showed us proof that the cooler is now working properly.

When Channel 2 Investigates checked the temperature of that cooler it was at 29 degrees. The rules say it has to be at 41 degrees or lower.

File: El Big Bad report_20160707200626

LA Crawfish on West 43rd Street is in trouble this week for storing shrimp, potatoes, beef, chicken and, yes, crawfish at dangerously high temperatures.

File: LA Crawfish report_20160707200626

And we wrap up this report card at Panda Express at 3651 Weslayan, where health inspectors discovered a gnat infestation.

File: Panda Express report_20160707200626

And "holy latte," everybody. This week we say, "Congratulations and cheers," to the hardworking employees at Starbucks at 1655 South Voss.

They receive our coveted A-Plus award for brewing up an absolutely Brew-Yah health inspection. In other words, perfect. No problems at all.