Threat made toward Harris County Sheriff's Office investigated

HOUSTON – Harris County Sheriff's Office deputies are on alert after a threat was made toward the department after the shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota.

Investigators don't yet know who made this call. They do know the call was made from the unincorporated part of Harris County, because it came through 911 center the Sheriff's Office's.

"These types of calls and these types of threats we take very seriously," Deputy Thomas Gilliland, with the Harris County Sheriff's Office, said.

The call was a general threat to kill law enforcement. Sheriff's officials say the call came in at 10:30 a.m. with a man asking the dispatcher, "Why y'all killing black people?"

The dispatcher said the man then threatened to "kill one of us."

"Now, he didn't specifically say which law enforcement agencies he was targeting," Gilliland said.

The caller referenced the shootings in Baton Rouge and Minneapolis. As result of the call, all deputies have been notified.

"It's pushed back through our districts into our patrol areas to make everyone more diligent, alert," Gilliland said.

Sheriff's officials, along with the Department of Homeland Security, are now working to determine the location from which the call was made and, more specifically, who made it.