Man on 'Molly' seen carrying baby on street

NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. – A tip from a concerned citizen helped save a baby from possible harm after the infant was seen being carried on the side of a busy Florida road by a man who was exhibiting erratic behavior.

"It's weird because he's walking down ... in the divided highway, and not on the sidewalk, just down the center of the road, with an infant, and he's looking everywhere behind him like somebody's following him or something," the caller told 911.

According to an arrest affidavit, when deputies arrived, the man, identified as Roger Mumma, repeatedly said, "People are after me and they are going to get me over drugs."

Corporal Birge and Deputy Gerardi found Mumma with the 6-month-old in his arms. Mumma became agitated and confrontational, which caused deputies to fear for the baby's safety. They were worried that Mumma would run out into traffic carrying the child.

Mumma kept looking around and said, "All these cars are after me." Deputy Gerardi tried to pat Mumma down, but he pulled away and demanded that the baby be returned to him. Mumma was eventually forced to the ground after he continued to resist, and Corporal Birge took the baby.

According to the arrest affidavit, Mumma confessed to taking the drug "Molly" two hours before deputies found him.

Mumma was arrested on charges of child neglect and resisting an officer with violence. The baby is in the care of family members.

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